Wrist pincushion tutorial!

Amongst other dressmaker-y supplies, I got these gorgeous pins from my little boy for my birthday. They’re so delicate and beautiful that I just didn’t think it was right to use them on an old pincushion! So there I was the other night, (while cooking dinner!) cooking up this idea for a new pincushion, worthy of my new fancy pins! I’m a big fan of a wrist pincushion and use them all the time when sewing.


I happen to be near the bin/recycling corner while trying to think what to use on the base of the pincushion to stop the pins from going through my wrist… when lo and behold, a plastic bottle lid caught my eye. Just the thing and about the right size at 4cm diameter. Perfect! I swiftly rescued it and gave it a quick wash.

I then drilled two holes through it about 2cm apart.

For the strap I cut a strip of double sided very heavy fusible stabiliser, measuring 24cm x 2.5cm and a strip of fabric for covering the strap measuring 49cm x 3.5cm.

To make the strap, I placed the stabiliser on one half of the fabric strip, leaving 5mm all around three sides. I folded the short end of the fabric over the stabiliser and fused it to it with a dry iron, I flipped it over so the fabric was on top to fuse it quickly then flipped it back so the stabiliser was on top again. Folding the edges of the fabric over the stabiliser, I carefully fused them to it with the edge of the iron making sure the iron was not touching the glue of the stabiliser directly. I continued to fold over and press 5mm of the edges around the other half of the fabric then folded it on top of the stabiliser.


I fused this in place with the iron then top stitched it around the edges on the sewing machine.


I cut a circle of fabric to cover the lid measuring 9cm in diameter then put double sided tape around the inside of the bottle cap rim. I placed the fabric circle wrong side up under the lid, folded the raw edges up and in to the inside of the rim with my fingers and stuck it to the double sided tape firmly. Once done, I attached it by hand, much like you’d sew a button, to the middle of the strap using a strong button thread.


I attached 5cm velcro to the two ends of the strap, making sure one half is on the top of one end and the other half is on the bottom side of the strap, on the other end, ensuring they form a circle when sticking together.


I cut a circle for the cushion measuring about 11cm, ladder stitched around the raw edge of it then pulled the thread ends slightly to form a dome. Packed it firmly with toy stuffing. When done, I pulled the thread ends a bit tighter to hold the stuffing in, tied them together and sniped them.


I used a generous amount of glue with a glue gun to attach the cushion to the base and pressed it down making sure it was  meeting in all the sides but glue was not pouring out. I even used the handle of a small crochet hook to tuck the sides in. The glue dries very quickly so had to be very quick with this step. But that was it, all done and here it is below… looking pretty but most importantly very useful! I so look forward to using it! Very pleased to be able to make something that I’ll be using all the time from a few scraps of fabric and a plastic bottle lid that I rescued from the bin.


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